Golden Gate Park


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8 - Overlook Drive

Overlook Drive connects Middle Drive West with Transverse Drive, but most of it is closed to vehicular traffic. Because of this, the area gets relatively few visitors, even on weekends. A good portion of Overlook Drive is higher than the surrounding area, providing pleasantly expansive views.

From the west end of Overlook Drive (at Middle Drive West), go east about 150-200 yards. You'll see a small hill that runs along the south side of the road. Much of it is tree-covered, but there's a stretch of about 50 yards that is grassy. Walk in anywhere along the grassy section about 20-40 feet to the ridge of the hill.

You can easily pick a spot that is out of sight of the road and unlikely to get any foot traffic other than yourselves. This area is sunny and a great spot for private sunbathing.


7 - Metson Lake

8 - Overlook Drive

9 - North Lake

10 - Bernice Rodgers Way

11 - Dog Training Area

12 - Middle Lake

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