Golden Gate Park


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Golden Gate Park is filled with hundreds of places worth exploring...large and small, populated and private. This book has identified only a portion of the more private places in the park. You may wish to set out exploring other similar spots, and you'll be able to find plenty. As you find favorite places of your own, be mindful of preserving the natural beauty of the park, and being respectful of both the people who may not want to watch you play in the park, and of the people for whom the park is a place to live.

Unfortunately, a sizeable population of people in San Francisco have no home other than the park. These people are most populous toward the east end of the park, particularly near the park perimeter. It's possible that you may find someone using a place listed in this book as their residence. The park is large and the places within it to visit are plentiful. So it shouldn't cause you much hassle to be considerate of such people's personal space, even if it happens to be in a public park.