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Golden Gate Park is surely one of the most beautiful urban parks in the country. Its roughly one thousand acres are filled with foliage from around the world and hundreds of pretty landscapes and settings.

Making love outdoors brings together two of life's joys. However, doing it in a major urban park also brings along thousands of people generally disrupting the magic of the moment!

This book is intended to help you explore many of the less-visited parts of Golden Gate Park, regardless of whether you want to make love under the sun or just relax and enjoy a private picnic.


The fifty places described in this book span spots included for their beauty, privacy and more. The various chapters will guide you to locations which satisfy a wide diversity of tastes. Several top-five lists highlight particularly noteworthy places, and a checklist is included in case you want to visit all fifty spots.

About the Author

J. McGanty moved to San Francisco in the summer of 1984, living on 45th St. in the Sunset District. Golden Gate Park quickly became a favorite place to go running, and McGanty came to love the beauty and diversity of the park. But other than once running the San Francisco marathon, he rarely ran far enough to explore the many corners and hidden treasures of Golden Gate Park. Now, his hope is this book will help many San Franciscans come to know the park better, inspiring them to visit parts of the park they might otherwise never see.


Unfortunately, California law prohibits public nudity (Penal Code section 314). Nude beaches such as Baker Beach in the Presidio exist largely out of tolerance by some local communities and their law enforcement agencies. Likewise, public displays of sex are deemed disorderly conduct in California (a misdemeanor under Penal Code section 647), regardless of how orderly you may feel you're being.

Of course, this book isn't encouraging you to do anything unlawful! Rather, you are encouraged to interpret "make love" as referring to whatever lawful activities strike your fancy...!

Protecting The Park

On a more serious note, this book has been written with a desire that we take care of the natural beauty of Golden Gate Park. The places selected for this book are limited to areas which are grassy, leaf-covered or exposed dirt. While some more private places exist in the park that would require trampling plant life either at the spots or in getting to them, these have been excluded from mention in this book. Whenever possible, the provided directions to places are via established footpaths, either large or small.

A number of areas in the park are closed either temporarily for reforestation, or permanently because of erosion concerns, etc. Such closures vary over time, so it's possible that a location described in this book may be closed when you arrive there. Please honor such closings, regardless of any recommendation in this book. If you have a question about whether a particular area is closed for reforestation, you can call (415) 753-7041.

Sharing The Park

Golden Gate Park, SF, CA draws a steady flow of people, particularly on weekends and when the weather is good. While a few of these people might be interested in watching what you're doing, or perhaps joining in, most probably won't. You may want to be mindful of who can see...or, as you select spots and what you decide to do while you're there.

That said, Golden Gate Park is a wonderful place, and hopefully this book will help you enjoy it in new and delightful ways!


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