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14 - 30th Avenue North

This is a pretty, forested part of the park that gets surprisingly few visitors. There are a couple spots here, both of which are pleasant enough to warrant lingering awhile.

Enter the north side of the park at 30th Avenue, go a couple hundred yards and turn right (west) on the paved service road (generally kept closed to vehicular traffic). Walk a couple hundred yards until you come to where there's a large paved area along the left side of the road (where vehicles might turn around or park).

You can leave the road to the right, across from the near (east) end of the paved parking area. Walk in about 25 yards and choose a spot that isn't visible from the road. This area is a pretty, grassy meadow shaded by moderately dense tree cover. You may not have absolute privacy here, but so few people walk down this road, you should be able to find a spot that is sufficiently obscured.

If you'd like greater privacy, check out the other side of the road instead. If you leave the southwest corner of the paved parking area (far left corner as you walked in), go about 25 yards and choose from among a few small grassy areas. The grass grows tall here most of the year, and these spots offer greater privacy than on the other side of the road.


13 - Spreckels Lake

14 - 30th Avenue North

15 - Chain of Lakes Drive West

16 - Prayerbook Cross

17 - Whiskey Hill

18 - Horseshoe Pits

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