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15 - Chain of Lakes Drive West

The wooded area north of the park's golf course and west of Chain of Lakes Drive West is large, pretty and only lightly trafficked. Mostly, it is a mix of trees and grassy groundcover in between. This area has several paths going through it, and it's a pleasant place to take a long walk.
This area can be reached from Chain of Lakes Drive West.

You can also get to this part of the park from the golf course clubhouse. As you face the golf course from the clubhouse, the first hole is the one farthest to the left. Walk along the left side of this fairway, hopefully timing your stroll to avoid becoming a target for errant duffers on the first tee.

Go about 70 yards down the fairway, turn left on a wide dirt road, and then in less than 10 yards turn right onto a narrow foot path. This path runs parallel to the first fairway, about 40 yards into the woods. Take this path for perhaps 125-150 yards, until it merges with a much larger path. Off to your left (away from the golf course) is a whole area to enjoy.

You can choose a place that's either shady or sunny (assuming the fog isn't in). There aren't a lot of spots that offer complete privacy here, so you'll have to use your discretion. But it's a very pretty area worth visiting regardless, and it is fairly private since not that many people come back here.


13 - Spreckels Lake

14 - 30th Avenue North

15 - Chain of Lakes Drive West

16 - Prayerbook Cross

17 - Whiskey Hill

18 - Horseshoe Pits

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