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49 - Boathouse

Some of the noisiest sections of the park get few visitors despite being fairly pretty. One such place can be reached from the Boathouse on the northwest corner of Stow Lake. To the west of the Boathouse, the lakeside road runs along the bottom of a small hill, a bit away from the lake. Along this stretch of the road, you'll find a footpath heading toward the west that is paved for about 10 feet before it turns into a dirt path.

Take this path about 100 yards downhill to where it leads into a flat grassy area. At this point, the path splits into two well-worn forks. Take the path on the left and go to where that path meets a long path which runs next to the street (Cross Over Drive). Turn left, heading south along the side of the road. After about 15 yards, turn left on another path that heads away from the street. This point is about 25 yards north of a road sign for northbound traffic which reads "25th Ave. Left Lane".

Go in about 20 yards and you'll find a series of large flat spots. These dirt spots are well-worn, making this a rather environmentally friendly place to visit. This place is shady and private. The road noise here is perhaps the loudest of any place in the park other than actual lanes of traffic, making it ideal if you'd prefer to go unheard!

Note to drivers: This spot is completely obscured from view on the street, so let go of any hope for a voyeuristic peak!


48 - Transverse Drive - East Side

49 - Boathouse

50 - Cross Over Drive

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