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50 - Cross Over Drive

Cross Over Drive is the main north/south thoroughfare through the park. As such, it's also a great source of ambient noise to mask loud activities that one might wish to keep private.

Cross Over Drive becomes 19th Avenue as it leaves the park to the south. There's a grassy hillside along this area which is rather pleasant, noise aside. It's just east of Cross Over Drive, on the north side of MLK Jr. Drive. There's a restroom building here, and just to the left of it, a paved path runs north heading up the hill.

Take this path for about 75 feet, and then veer left into the grassy area toward Cross Over Drive. Walk toward the road and you'll dip behind the crest of the hill, taking you out of sight from the paved path. There are a number of spots to choose from here. Select one that is obscured from the street by the plant life in the area and you'll have ample privacy, as few people ever walk here.

This place provides a nice combination of privacy and an open view. This place is a bit hilly, and the ground is covered with a mix of grass and fallen leaves, so you may want to bring a blanket. Further up the hill has been posted as a Reforestation Area, so keep an eye out for such signs.


48 - Transverse Drive - East Side

49 - Boathouse

50 - Cross Over Drive

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