Golden Gate Park


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48 - Transverse Drive - East Side

There is a large area between Cross Over Drive and Transverse Drive that gets little foot traffic, because of street noise and since this section isn't on the way to anywhere. This makes it a perfect place to go if you want to be alone and unheard.

From where Transverse Drive and Middle Drive West meet, head up the hill on the east side. This hillside is a pretty, forested area. It's large and wide open, and you can choose a spot anywhere in here. The further up the hill you go, the more privacy you'll gain as you'll be further from passersby and closer to the street noise. Were it not for the road noise, this would be one of the more pleasant places in the park to have a picnic. As is, it's a nice combination of beauty and ambient noise.


48 - Transverse Drive - East Side

49 - Boathouse

50 - Cross Over Drive

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