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4 - 26th Avenue South

This is one of the places in the park that gets surprisingly few visitors given how pretty it is. It's a peaceful, forested area with a dense mix of foliage.

Enter the south side of the park between 25th and 26th Avenues. Walk down to a sunken area about 60 yards from the street, where you'll find a small but pretty grove of evergreens. The middle of this grove is a delightful place to set down, shaded by the surrounding trees with a flat, comfortable bed of pine needles.

This place is somewhat out in the open. But you're unlikely to be bothered by passersby. Choose a spot that isn't visible from the street and you should have plenty of privacy. A little bit of road noise from Lincoln Way is the only downside to this place, but a small one given how pleasant it is.


1 - Mallard Lake

2 - Bison Paddock

3 - Rhododendron Dell

4 - 26th Avenue South

5 - Native Live Oak Grove

6 - McLaren Lodge

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