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3 - Rhododendron Dell

Fortunately, you don't need to be able to spell Rhododendron Dell to enjoy this very pretty part of the park. This is one of the largest areas in the park's eastern end that is free from buildings and roads. In addition to the rhododendrons, there's a wide variety of other lush foliage adorning this area. This expanse spans a large hill that runs from JFK Drive on the north side, up over a ridge and down to Middle Drive. In between, a labyrinth of paths provides one of the few places where you might briefly get lost in this part of the park.

A particularly nice place in this area is most easily reached from Middle Drive. Take Middle Drive east past the Academy of Sciences, after which you'll come to a meadow on the left (north) side. At the back of this meadow, take the wide dirt path that leads from the back of the meadow up a short hill. This path is about 50 feet to the left of a large wooden box that's either green or brown. (If you're as color-blind as the author, you won't be able to tell which, either!)

The path goes up the hill about 20 yards and intersects another path going to the left and right. Go straight across onto a smaller path. This path curls around to the right, and after about 30 feet you'll come to a small clearing. A couple of tree stumps there provide convenient chairs.

This is a pretty, densely wooded area. The only way to get to this place is by the path you've taken, so you shouldn't have much company. However, you do need to stay low here to avoid being seen from one of the other paths nearby.


1 - Mallard Lake

2 - Bison Paddock

3 - Rhododendron Dell

4 - 26th Avenue South

5 - Native Live Oak Grove

6 - McLaren Lodge

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