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2 - Bison Paddock

This can be a true test of the trust in your relationship, when you suggest making love by the Bison Paddock! But the hill behind the paddock is really one of the prettier places in this book and in the park. It's a large, partially wooded meadow with just enough hilliness to afford a view of the surrounding area. Perhaps surprisingly, the bison don't give the area a foul odor (unless you catch a particularly unlucky breeze).

Take the broad path that runs from JFK Drive north past the left side of the paddock. The entire area to the left is a pretty mix of woods and grassland, making this a pleasant place to take a walk.

When you reach the far left (northwest) corner of the paddock, you'll cross another major path going left and right. The area on the far left side of this junction (northwest, away from the paddock) is large with only a few small footpaths running through it. Wander through this area and choose a spot away from the major trails, and you should have ample privacy. However, do keep an eye out because if someone does happen to come by, there isn't much more than grass here to hide behind!

Even if you're just planning a G-rated picnic, this is a pleasant place to spend some time. (This area can also be reached from the Dog Training Area, which has a parking lot accessed from 36th Ave. on the north side of the park.)


1 - Mallard Lake

2 - Bison Paddock

3 - Rhododendron Dell

4 - 26th Avenue South

5 - Native Live Oak Grove

6 - McLaren Lodge

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