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5 - Native Live Oak Grove

The Native Live Oak Grove is a pretty section of the park that is partially wooded with the namesake oaks, with grass in between. It runs from a valley along Fulton Street up a hillside to Conservatory Drive West.

This is a large, pleasant grassy spot with a mix of shade and sun. It's slightly hilly, and you get a bit of noise from the street traffic. But few people come here, and you should be able to enjoy plenty of privacy.

While this place can be reached from Conservatory Drive West, it is most easily found by taking the paved path which enters the north side of the park between 3rd and 4th Avenues. After about 50 yards, you'll see two foot paths going to the left, with a sign between them prohibiting biking on either. Take the right-hand path, which goes uphill.

After about 100 feet, there is a large, flat clearing on the left. (If you continue straight all the way up the hill to Conservatory Drive West, you've gone about 50 feet too far.) Walk across this clearing, heading downhill and back toward Fulton Street. After about 20-30 feet, you'll come to another clearing that is out of view from the path.

This place has a nice view across the oak grove toward Fulton Street. Of course, having a view goes hand-in-hand with being visible, so you may want to choose a spot that can't be seen from the houses along Fulton.


1 - Mallard Lake

2 - Bison Paddock

3 - Rhododendron Dell

4 - 26th Avenue South

5 - Native Live Oak Grove

6 - McLaren Lodge


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