Golden Gate Park


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10 - Bernice Rodgers Way

One of the prettier spots in the southwest part of the park is where MLK Jr. Drive meets Bernice Rodgers Way.

From this intersection, take the paved path toward the south about 15 yards. (This paved path eventually leads to the 45th Avenue entrance on the south side of the park, and this place can be easily reached from that direction, as well.)

Turn left (east) on a small dirt path and go 40 yards. Turn left heading up a slight hill back toward MLK Jr. Drive, and go all the way back to the bushes there.

Here you'll find a large grassy area that is sunny and very pleasant for a picnic. Though people will be passing within earshot, you're likely to have this spot to yourself.

You'll need to stay low if you want to remain out of sight from anyone walking along the dirt path. And do keep an eye out -- there's a playground not too far away. Hopefully you can avoid giving an early education to any adventurous kids!


7 - Metson Lake

8 - Overlook Drive

9 - North Lake

10 - Bernice Rodgers Way

11 - Dog Training Area

12 - Middle Lake

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