Golden Gate Park


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9 - North Lake

North Lake is pleasant, though it has been closed awhile for restoration. This works in favor of privacy for the area just west of the lake. This is a pretty section, and with fewer people visiting this part of the park, it's easy to find some solitude.

From the 43rd Avenue entrance on the north side of the park, take the paved walkway along the right (west) side of the lake (and the adjacent closed road) for about 100 yards. Turn right onto a large path that veers off the main walkway. This path quickly splits into two...take the left fork (hopefully the one less traveled). Walk about 20 yards and turn left off the path into the loosely spread bushes. Walk in about 40 yards and choose from among a few grassy areas here.

This is a nice spot for a picnic, with a mix of trees and grassland. There are a number of spots that are secluded from view by the bushes in the area. You're likely to enjoy privacy throughout your time here. Either before or after your "picnic" you may also enjoy taking a walk through this pretty and undeveloped part of the park.


7 - Metson Lake

8 - Overlook Drive

9 - North Lake

10 - Bernice Rodgers Way

11 - Dog Training Area

12 - Middle Lake

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