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7 - Metson Lake

Metson Lake is small but one of the prettiest lakes in the park. Fortunately, it's also among the lesser-known ones. The foliage that surrounds Metson Lake makes the short walk around the lake a delight.

The lake is along Middle Drive West, east of MLK Jr. Drive. There's an artificial waterfall at the east end of the lake (toward your left as you look at the lake from the street). Walk up the hill behind this waterfall. There is a rather pleasant grassy area on the back side of the hill as it begins to descend away from the lake.

The view from this spot is quite pretty, making it a place you may enjoy spending some time. It's not the most private of locations, in part because there's little in the way of foliage to provide cover. People don't generally walk up here, but you're close enough to the lake that it's a possibility, especially on weekends. All the same, it's a really nice place to enjoy a picnic and whatever else strikes your fancy.


7 - Metson Lake

8 - Overlook Drive

9 - North Lake

10 - Bernice Rodgers Way

11 - Dog Training Area

12 - Middle Lake

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