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24 - Conservatory Drive West

The area around the Conservatory of Flowers receives hordes of visitors, especially on a pretty weekend day. Fortunately, there are small areas of woods nearby where you can get from the crowds. A particularly pleasant place is just west of the Conservatory.

To get to this place, take Conservatory Drive West north from JFK Drive a couple hundred feet, and park by two white fire hydrants.
Walk a couple hundred feet into the lawn area on the west side of the street (on the opposite side of the street from the Conservatory). This meadow is a pretty place for a convenient picnic.

From the meadow, turn left into the woods at a small electrical box that will be easy to spot. Walk 25 feet into the woods, veer to the left and go another 25 feet to a flat area. From here go left up a small hill (back toward where you first entered the meadow). At the top of this hill you'll find a well-shaded area with a soft ground covering of fallen leaves. This is a pretty spot that is fairly private, despite being near passersby.


23 - Tulip Gardens

24 - Conservatory Drive West

25 - Soccer Fields

26 - Murphy Windmill

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