Golden Gate Park


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25 - Soccer Fields

The soccer fields at the west end of the park can draw a crowd.  But they often go unused, and the walk through the low woods that surround the fields is an enjoyable lap.  There are a variety of spots to stop along this walk.  However, plenty of other people have had the same idea, and much of this area is now posted requesting people to stay on the path. 

Not to worry, because there's a pleasant and private place just across the street.  From the three-way intersection where JFK Drive meets Bernice Rodgers Way, walk 50 yards north along JFK Drive.  Turn right (toward the golf course) into the woods just to the left of a park bench on the paved footpath. 

Go about halfway in and you'll find a large, shady spot that has a soft mix of fallen leaves and pine needles as ground covering.  Choose a spot equally out of view from the street and golf course, and you'll have plenty of privacy.  This is a relaxing place to linger, aside from the occasional distressed cry of some golfer yelling "fore." 


23 - Tulip Gardens

24 - Conservatory Drive West

25 - Soccer Fields

26 - Murphy Windmill

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