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23 - Tulip Gardens

The Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Gardens are pretty enough to be well worth a visit, if this is the kind of thing you enjoy. Just to the west is the Dutch Windmill, pictured on the back cover of this book. It's an interesting sight and it has pretty gardens of flowers adorning the adjacent lawn area. Both of these attractions draw their share of visitors. However, privacy is no further away than right across the street from the Tulip Gardens, at the base of the driveway heading up to the golf course.

From the base of this driveway facing in toward the golf course, head up the grassy hill to the left of the driveway. Go up about 20 yards, where the hilltop flattens out to provide a large shady area.

This is a pleasant spot. Even though it's quite easy to get to, there is little reason for anyone to follow you up here, so you should be able to enjoy plenty of privacy.


23 - Tulip Gardens

24 - Conservatory Drive West

25 - Soccer Fields

26 - Murphy Windmill

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