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19 - Metson Road

The part of the park between MLK Jr. Drive and Middle Drive West is large, with a pretty mix of woods. You can enjoy a relatively long walk through the woods on one of a number of paths in this area, perhaps choosing another one to loop back on.

One of the points where you can enter this area is at the north side of the intersection of MLK Jr. Drive and Metson Road.

Take the large dirt trail that leaves this spot toward the northeast, and go about 80 yards. Off to the left about 50 feet from the trail, you'll see a grove of 15-foot high trees.

There are a few nice places to settle down within this grove. These spots are large, shady and quite private, as there's little reason for anyone to walk through here.


19 - Metson Road

20 - Middle Drive West

21 - South Lake

22 - Middle Drive East

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