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20 - Middle Drive West

Middle Drive West gets closed to vehicular traffic on Saturdays, making it a relatively uncrowded place to visit at that time, despite being a weekend. This area is a bit higher than MLK Jr. Drive, and thus the views tend to be more expansive.

A rather pleasant and equally private place can be reached by taking Middle Drive West east past Metson Lake, and walking about 200 yards beyond where the road is closed to cars. You'll pass a street light on the right, and then a rather large tree between the street and the footpath paralleling the road.

Go another 25 yards and you'll pass a large tree just to the right of the footpath. Immediately beyond the tree, take the faint path that goes up the short hill. You'll pass a pleasant grassy area at the crest of this small hill that wouldn't be a bad choice of spots. But there's greater privacy to be found just a bit further along.

Keep walking away from the street another 25 yards and you'll come to a more distinct trail running to the left and right. Turn left, go about 25 yards and turn left again off the path toward a large stump. To the left of the stump is a wonderful spot where you can take your time. It's a pretty area and you should enjoy complete privacy.


19 - Metson Road

20 - Middle Drive West

21 - South Lake

22 - Middle Drive East

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