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22 - Middle Drive East

Privacy can be hard to find in the eastern part of the park, making this spot a gem. While being a bit hard to find, it offers a high degree of privacy. Once there, you'll enjoy a large, flat area surrounded by low bushes and ample sunshine for a cool day.

Take Middle Drive East heading east past the Academy of Sciences (on your left). Park at the sign on your right for the De Laveaga Dell AIDS Memorial Grove. There's a paved footpath that parallels the road, and it is joined at this spot by another paved path which heads back to the right and uphill. Take this second path back about 75 yards, until the pavement ends and it becomes a dirt path.

Continue walking toward an obvious chain link fence. About 10 feet before reaching the fence, look to the right and you'll see a hard-to-reach path that you can get to by crawling under a couple large fallen branches. Be grateful for this hassle, as it helps insure your privacy at this place.

Go about 20-30 feet down this small path. The park's maintenance yard is to the left on the other side of the fence. But you can choose a place along this path where thick bushes fully obscure this from your view.


19 - Metson Road

20 - Middle Drive West

21 - South Lake

22 - Middle Drive East

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