Golden Gate Park


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33 - 34th Avenue South

This part of the park has nice places for a picnic that get few visitors, even though they're easy to reach. One such spot can be found by entering the south side of the park at 34th Avenue. Quickly turn left and go up the hill. The top of this hill is a large, grassy area that is shady and pleasant.

If you plop down next to the bushes on your left, they will block the view to the south. The crest of the hill will obstruct the view to the north and east, as long as you stay low. This spot is wide open, but you should have privacy just because there's little reason for other people to come here. And despite a bit of street noise, this is a pleasant place to hang out for awhile.


27 - 43rd Avenue South

28 - Lindley Meadow

29 - Elk Glen Lake

30 - 46th Avenue North

31 - Washington Bicentennial Grove

32 - JFK Drive

33 - 34th Avenue South

34 - Fuchsia Dell

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