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34 - Fuchsia Dell

The Fuchsia Dell is a delightful meadow populated with its namesake fuchsia, which show off their purple-red flowers during much of the warmer part of the year. The dell is reached by taking Conservatory Drive East a few hundred yards north of JFK Drive (a sign marks the dell). This is a very pretty meadow that is well worth a visit for a picnic or a walk.

Just to the east is a place with a bit more privacy. There's a paved walkway across the street from the beginning of the dell that heads east, leading to the park entrance at Stanyan and Hayes Streets. The place described here is a broad area on the hillside north of this walkway. About 20 yards east from Conservatory Drive East there's a water fountain on the south side of this walkway (on the right if you're walking away from the Fuchsia Dell).

From this spot, take the large dirt path that heads to the north. Then quickly turn right onto on a smaller path, curling around to the east going up the hill.

The top part of the hill is steep and walking there is prohibited as an Erosion Control Area. There are signs marking this section, and you'll also know you're there if you find yourself sliding down the hill on your butt.

The lower part of the hill is flatter, with a mix of shade trees and sun. There are plenty of spots to choose from, though all are fairly visible from small but well-worn footpaths in the area. But not many people come up the hill, and you'll be able to choose a spot that has fairly good privacy. The ground is covered with prickly leaves, so this is a good place to bring a blanket.


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34 - Fuchsia Dell

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