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31 - Washington Bicentennial Grove

The area along the south side of the park between 19th and 25th Avenues includes two pretty meadows, and nice woods between them.
When you enter the park's south side on 25th Avenue, you'll pass the first of the two meadows on your right. Turn right on MLK Jr. Drive and along your right you'll see the wooded area and eventually the second meadow.

This lawn area is home to the Washington Bicentennial Grove and the Herbert Hoover Tree. However, these are hardly attractions you'd travel very far to see...the distance from where you park your car will be pushing it.

From this second meadow, enjoy a meandering walk through the woods to the west. Between there and the first meadow you passed along 25th Ave., you'll find pretty foliage, not many people and a variety of spots which might strike your fancy as a place to spend some time.

This area doesn't provide locations with complete privacy. But with some discretion on when you visit and where you stop in this forested area, you can probably find all the privacy you need.


27 - 43rd Avenue South

28 - Lindley Meadow

29 - Elk Glen Lake

30 - 46th Avenue North

31 - Washington Bicentennial Grove

32 - JFK Drive

33 - 34th Avenue South

34 - Fuchsia Dell

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