Golden Gate Park


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27 - 43rd Avenue South

This part of the park gets relatively few visitors, despite being fairly pretty. Enter the south side of the park just east of 43rd Avenue, and immediately walk up the hill to the left. After about 100 feet, you'll come to a flat spot next to the bushes on the right (north). These bushes provide your privacy from people further north. The ground slopes down a bit away from Lincoln Way, keeping you out of view from the sidewalk there (and hopefully the second stories of the houses in the area!)

This is a large, grassy area that is wide open. Your privacy here comes purely from no one else wandering by, so decide how diligent you want to keep an eye out for passersby. But even if you keep it G-rated, this is a fine place for a picnic (other than a bit of road noise).


27 - 43rd Avenue South

28 - Lindley Meadow

29 - Elk Glen Lake

30 - 46th Avenue North

31 - Washington Bicentennial Grove

32 - JFK Drive

33 - 34th Avenue South

34 - Fuchsia Dell

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