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32 - JFK Drive

This place is so nice, the park staff has had to post signs restricting excessive foot traffic from a part of it. The area is on a hill, the top of which is broad, sunny and grassy, with a pleasant view in most directions. 

From JFK Drive, go about 150 yards west of Conservatory Drive West.

Take the first paved footpath on the right (north) side. Go up about 100 feet and as you pass a bench on the left, veer off the path to the right up the hill.

The top of the hill is a delightful spot. However, at times it has been closed for reforestation. If it's open, enjoy your time here. Note that you'll be out in the open, and visitors are a distinct possibility.

Alternatively, if the top of the hill is closed or if you desire a bit more privacy, as you approach the top of the hill, turn right heading downhill away from the footpath. There are a couple spots here that afford more privacy. They vary in how hilly and shady they are, and there is likely to be one that will meet your needs.

This area isn't completely private just because this is a busy part of the park. But you should be able to find a spot with enough privacy to enjoy yourselves all the same.


27 - 43rd Avenue South

28 - Lindley Meadow

29 - Elk Glen Lake

30 - 46th Avenue North

31 - Washington Bicentennial Grove

32 - JFK Drive

33 - 34th Avenue South

34 - Fuchsia Dell

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