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30 - 46th Avenue North

The northern side of the park between 43rd and 46th Avenues is one of the prettiest parts of the park, particularly given the small number of people going there. Groves of trees are sprinkled among grassy meadows. (Note, some of these meadows are closed for reforestation.)

This is a very pleasant area in which to take a walk. When you get tired of walking, a nice place to settle down is just into the park from the 46th Avenue entrance. This is a large, pretty area with grassy ground cover and a mix of shade and sun. It has one of the more expansive views looking out across the city to the northwest.

Enter the park at 46th Avenue and follow the path as it curls around to the left and uphill. The path will eventually head east and slightly back toward Fulton St., between 45th and 46th Avenues. From here walk into the meadow toward the street. Choose a spot that balances privacy from the path and the buildings along Fulton.

This place is out in the open, so you'll need to be at least somewhat discrete if you want to avoid being noticed. In any case, other than a little street noise, this is a rather pretty place to linger for awhile.


27 - 43rd Avenue South

28 - Lindley Meadow

29 - Elk Glen Lake

30 - 46th Avenue North

31 - Washington Bicentennial Grove

32 - JFK Drive

33 - 34th Avenue South

34 - Fuchsia Dell

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