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35 - Archery Field

When you enter the north side of the park at 47th Avenue, you're likely to see a number of Robin Hood want-to-be's at the Archery Field there. If your idea of fun isn't spraying arrows vaguely in the direction of a target, there are other options for entertainment in this part of the park.

As soon as you come in the 47th Avenue entrance, turn left on a large footpath, and then quickly veer right onto a smaller path. About 50-75 feet up this smaller trail, you'll see a couple play spots in the bushes along your right. The first one is rather close to the trail, but a bit further along is one where you can go quite far back away from the trail.

This area is shady and private, as it's unlikely many people will be walking by. This place is behind the Archery Field but off to the side enough that you're unlikely to get poked in the butt with an arrow (unless you bring your own).


35 - Archery Field

36 - Stow Lake

37 - Beach Chalet

38 - Transverse Drive - West Side

39 - Ghiradelli Rustic Shelter

40 - Senior Citizens Center

41 - Conservatory of Flowers

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