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39 - Ghiradelli Rustic Shelter

The area in front of the Conservatory of Flowers is very pretty, but it's also one of the most populous parts of the park. However, not far away is a delightful meadow that gets much less traffic, and some bushes nearby are even more private.

On foot, you can reach this meadow by walking back to the left of the Conservatory and the restrooms in the adjacent building. Walk up the hill and cross the road, which is Conservatory Drive West. The meadow is directly across the street.

Take the paved path that runs along the right (north) side of the meadow. You'll shortly pass a rather simple structure on your right, named the Ghiradelli Rustic Shelter. Continue along the paved footpath, passing two park benches on the right. Go another 50 feet and you'll see a large tunnel-like opening in the bushes along the right side of the path. Walk in here about 20 feet and veer to your left, heading back toward the path.

This is a large, flat area that isn't visible from the path, despite being only about ten feet away. This is a shady area that is completely private, other than from someone else following you into these bushes. Leave something in view of the entrance to let others know you're there, and you're likely to enjoy lengthy privacy. If you're on a first date, perhaps start with a picnic in the nearby meadow, and move to the bushes if things go well!


35 - Archery Field

36 - Stow Lake

37 - Beach Chalet

38 - Transverse Drive - West Side

39 - Ghiradelli Rustic Shelter

40 - Senior Citizens Center

41 - Conservatory of Flowers

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