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40 - Senior Citizens Center

The Senior Citizens Center in Golden Gate Park is just west of the 36th Avenue entrance into the north side of the park. It was originally built as the S.F. Police Training Academy, and little love-making has occurred there since! However, there's more potential nearby.

After entering the park from 36th Avenue, turn right onto a small, winding road that heads west past the center out to the Dog Training Area. Stop at the parking lot for the training area and come back along the road about 30 yards toward the old folks center. Turn left on the footpath that goes northwest away from the road. Then after just five yards, turn right on a small but distinct trail.

This trail winds back around about 15 yards to a small clearing that is pleasant and shady. This place is private in that it's out of view and there is little reason to come back here, other than the reason you came.


35 - Archery Field

36 - Stow Lake

37 - Beach Chalet

38 - Transverse Drive - West Side

39 - Ghiradelli Rustic Shelter

40 - Senior Citizens Center

41 - Conservatory of Flowers

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