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37 - Beach Chalet

The Beach Chalet provides a delightful mix of history and good food. A sunset view from the restaurant upstairs is a great way to wind down a day. And the back patio area of the restaurant is a wonderful place to have lunch, especially if there isn't any fog.

If you meet someone at the bar who you'd like to get to know more intimately, not to worry! Walk back past the right side of the Beach Chalet on the path heading away from the ocean. After about 30 yards you'll pass another path on the right heading toward the soccer fields. Continue going straight, and then anywhere along the next hundred yards, head into the trees on the right side of the path.

This area is flat and roomy, with complete shade from the low trees there. This isn't the most private spot, so hopefully the person you just picked up at the bar had enough drinks not to mind. But the area is large and shaded, and if you go back far enough away from the path, you should be able to find ample freedom from onlookers.


35 - Archery Field

36 - Stow Lake

37 - Beach Chalet

38 - Transverse Drive - West Side

39 - Ghiradelli Rustic Shelter

40 - Senior Citizens Center

41 - Conservatory of Flowers

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