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41 - Conservatory of Flowers

If the idea of making love really close to a lot of people who can't quite see you is appealing, head to the vast lawn in front of the Conservatory of Flowers (shown on the front cover of this book). There are a few islands of trees scattered on this large lawn, a couple of which afford some degree of privacy.

One option is the large group of trees in front of the left end of the Conservatory as you face it from JFK Drive. From the lawn, it is very difficult to see what, or who, is inside this grove of trees. This affords some degree of privacy, despite the proximity of the masses. There are convenient ways to enter this stand of trees from both the street side and from the side facing the Conservatory. Unfortunately, this convenience is also the one weakness of this place...other people may venture into the grove, as well.

If you prefer a grove that is unlikely to have any other people walking through, consider instead the grove to the far east end of the lawn. This is a smaller grove of trees, directly behind the statue of President Garfield (who had the misfortune of becoming an ex-president after a bit of a run-in with an assassin). This grove has no obvious path leading into it, making it more likely yours alone to enjoy. The center of the grove is mostly but not completely obscured from view, so this might be a good day to wear any "camo" lingerie you happen to own.


35 - Archery Field

36 - Stow Lake

37 - Beach Chalet

38 - Transverse Drive - West Side

39 - Ghiradelli Rustic Shelter

40 - Senior Citizens Center

41 - Conservatory of Flowers

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