Golden Gate Park


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46 - Devil's Triangle

At some point you may be interested in making love in the park but lacking a partner to join you. If you're hoping to find a partner, this place is likely to be fertile ground (as a fair number of people already know).

This place is not a particular spot, but rather a fairly large area. It extends east from Bernice Rodgers Way up to JFK Drive. There are several paths leading through this area. One option is to start on the paved path that begins at the intersection of JFK Drive and Bernice Rodgers Way, leading into the woods between these two streets.

This is a rather pretty, forested area. There are plenty of private areas to choose from under the dense trees that populate parts of this area. These spots tend to be shady, but lacking in any sort of view.

One caveat is that because of this area's popularity, much of it is posted "Keep On Path." All the same, it's a delightful area in which to take a walk (and go trolling for partners if that's of interest).


42 - Golf Course – 4th Hole

43 - Strawberry Hill

44 - Kezar Stadium

45 - Polo Field

46 - Devil's Triangle

47 - Fly Casting Pools

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