Golden Gate Park


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47 - Fly Casting Pools

The Fly Casting Pools are a large concrete area in which anglers try to perfect their technique. Fishing is a rather tranquil sport to begin with. To practice fishing, when there aren't even fish in the water...seems like going somewhere to practice waiting for a bus.

If you find yourself getting a bit bored at the Fly Casting Pools, you can practice other techniques in the woods just west of this area. There's a small footpath that leaves the west side of the pools. Go down this path about 50 feet, turn left along a faint path and go about 40 feet to where the trees begin.

Here among the trees you'll find a small but rather pretty grassy area. This is a very pleasant place, but you'll need to stay low to remain unseen. In any case, this place will give you a pleasant reprieve from hurling lures into a fishless cement pond.


42 - Golf Course – 4th Hole

43 - Strawberry Hill

44 - Kezar Stadium

45 - Polo Field

46 - Devil's Triangle

47 - Fly Casting Pools

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