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44 - Kezar Stadium

The original Kezar Stadium was used by the S.F. 49er's for 24 years, through 1970. Today, Kezar Stadium is used for sports including soccer and football. If you need to relieve a little stress before the big game, there's a place along the north side of the stadium that may be just what you're looking for.

You can drive to the stadium and park along Kezar Drive. There are two large light towers on the side of the stadium nearest the street. Walk up to the stadium gate between these two towers. Turn left and walk along the stadium fence. After about 50 feet, veer to the left downhill toward the street, until you find a spot that is out of view from people inside the stadium fence.

This area is grassy and a bit hilly. You should enjoy good privacy in this place, since few people walk by here. However, be sure to choose a spot that's out of view from the building just to the east...this is the park police headquarters! There's some road noise here, given the proximity to the street.


42 - Golf Course – 4th Hole

43 - Strawberry Hill

44 - Kezar Stadium

45 - Polo Field

46 - Devil's Triangle

47 - Fly Casting Pools

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