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43 - Strawberry Hill

On the east side of Stow Lake, there's a rather pretty waterfall, Huntington Falls, flowing down the side of the hilly island in the center of the lake. This island is Strawberry Hill, and the trails on is are a delightful walk. The foliage on the island is lush and pretty. And the climb to the top is rewarded by some of the best views in the park. Strawberry Hill can be reached by either of two bridges crossing the water.

The paths on the island will take you to the top of Huntington Falls, and to the small adjacent reservoir that feeds the falls. From the top of the falls, take the path along the right side of the reservoir. About 50 feet past the reservoir, you'll find a 20-foot high tree on the left side of the path. This tree is distinctive in that there are a bunch of foot-thick fallen trees at its base.

Follow a faint path back to the right of and eventually behind this tree. If you stay low and position yourself wisely, you'll have at least a modicum of privacy. This isn't a large spot, nor a secluded one. But you can have a little fun here all the same as a part of your visit to Strawberry Hill.


42 - Golf Course – 4th Hole

43 - Strawberry Hill

44 - Kezar Stadium

45 - Polo Field

46 - Devil's Triangle

47 - Fly Casting Pools

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