Golden Gate Park


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45 - Polo Field

The Polo Field (also called Golden Gate Park Stadium) has housed many large events such as concerts over the years. It's also used for a variety of athletic activities. The area around the stadium can be used for other activities, as well.

One such place can be reached by going east on MLK Jr. Drive past South Lake. Veer left onto Middle Drive West, and stop by the third lamp post on the left. Along this side of the road (north), you'll find a few faint trails that lead back to sunny, grassy spots.

These spots are out in the open, but few people ever walk back here. If you choose a place that's far enough from the road to be out of sight (and earshot), you should be able to enjoy plenty of privacy. This may not be a place you'd choose to take a first date. But it's easy to reach in case time is short!


42 - Golf Course – 4th Hole

43 - Strawberry Hill

44 - Kezar Stadium

45 - Polo Field

46 - Devil's Triangle

47 - Fly Casting Pools

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